is the end of waste and the beginning
of a better world.

About Us

We aim to cultivate sustainable cities by implementing effective waste management methods. Our mission is zero waste. But with over 50 million tons of hazardous waste disposed of globally, we need to focus on waste recycling.

That’s why, with support from our recyclers based in UAE & overseas and technologically advanced solutions, we make recycling easy, eco-friendly & fast. Our innovative waste recycling practices promote a green future for all coming generations.

Our Children deserve a heritage

We make sure it’s waste-free


CEO’s Message

Zero Waste Recycling LLC

Was founded by Mr. Prasad D. Bhandare in January 2020. He comes from a diverse background with deep roots in circular economy, sustainability, waste management, and recycling. He started Zero Waste in the hopes of a world that focuses on effective recycling practices for a better tomorrow.